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Smiling girl using Invisalign®, one of our Souderton Orthodontics Services

Invisalign® combines comfort with convenience to give you an enjoyable treatment process and amazing results. This alternative to braces is metal-free and very discreet. In fact, Invisalign® has minimal impact on your day-to-day life. You can even remove the aligners to eat, drink, and brush!

The treatment process uses clear aligners (much like mouthguards) to gradually move your misaligned teeth into their ideal position. Each aligner is custom-made to fit your teeth and bite, leaving you with a more comfortable and efficient experience.

There are so many benefits to Invisalign®:

  • 50% faster treatment times
  • Better fit, better comfort
  • Effective for a number of cases
  • Available for both adults and teens
Lady with black hair wearing braces that are one of our Souderton Orthodontics Services
Traditional Braces

When a more complex case presents itself, Dr. Silvestre may recommend traditional braces. These braces consist of brackets, which are attached to the face of your teeth and connected by a wire. The wire is adjusted to move your teeth into place and is very effective for closing gaps and correcting crooked teeth.

Braces support any movement in the teeth and can help with fixing bite issues too. The process is proven to straighten your teeth and leave you with a beautiful, healthy smile.

Woman wearing clear braces as part of our Souderton Orthodontics Services
Clear Braces

Much like traditional braces, clear braces use brackets and wires. However, the brackets are made of a composite material that matches your tooth’s color. This makes the braces appear almost “invisible” and less intrusive to your smile.

The esthetically pleasing look is not the only advantage to clear braces. They are functional too! These braces gradually move your teeth into an aligned position and help with common bite issues. Your skilled orthodontist regularly adjusts the braces to move your teeth into the best position and leave you with a healthy smile.

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A young man with straight teeth because he wears a retainer at night

Retainers are custom-made, removable or fixed appliances that keep your teeth in the desired position. Normally provided after your braces treatment, retainers can be worn day or night to prevent any shifting of your teeth. These simple mouthpieces have proven to be effective for millions of orthodontic patients.

Dr. Silvestre will explain the ideal retainer for you (depending on your needs) and make sure it fits your mouth comfortably. Retainers must be worn regularly as prescribed in order to be effective and safeguard your smile.

Comparison of teeth whitening before and after
Teeth Whitening

A bright, white smile can leave a lasting impression on those you meet and will boost your self-confidence. At Orthodontic Specialists Indian Valley, we offer teeth whitening to remove common stains and brighten your smile. Teeth whitening consists of a special gel being applied to your teeth and lightening the shade of your enamel. Under the supervision of our orthodontist, you can improve the color of your teeth in just one or two visits.

Dental teeth whitening is very effective and is designed to improve the aesthetics of your teeth without damaging them. The treatment is adjusted to match your desired look and produces wonderful results.

Man holding his head because of TMJ, which can be treated with Souderton Orthodontics Services

Your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is commonly known as your jaw joint. This joint connects your lower jaw to your skull and consists of a series of muscles. These muscles can be affected by disorders that lead to headaches, neckaches, clicking of the jaw, and more. If left untreated it can cause extreme pain and negatively impact your life.

Dr. Silvestre can assist you with these disorders through orthodontics to align your bite or reposition your jaw. He has undergone further training to reduce the discomfort caused by TMJ disorders and reinstate a healthy bite. Moving your jaw into place can prevent a number of dental issues and give you your life back!

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