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Straight teeth + a healthy bite = an amazing smile!

Helping Kids and Adults Smile Again with Braces

Modern orthodontics straighten teeth, correct bites, and boost confidence.

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Do you have crooked or crowded teeth and are ready for a change? You may be a candidate for braces, which straighten teeth and restore bite function.

Under the care of our orthodontists, braces are one of the best options for both kids and adults looking to correct one or more teeth and bite misalignment problems:

  • Overbites
  • Underbites
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Overcrowded teeth
  • Gaps between teeth

Braces are a great investment, transforming smiles and lives. They start at $3,000, and we accept insurance and flexible financing. Please contact us to see if we accept your insurance for braces in Souderton, Perkasie, and Quakertown, PA.

  • See Your Options for Braces
    • Traditional Braces: These braces consist of brackets attached to the front of teeth and are connected by a wire. We adjust the wire to move your teeth into place, effectively close gaps, and correct crooked teeth.
    • Clear Braces: Much like traditional braces, clear braces use brackets and wires. However, the brackets are a composite material that matches your tooth’s color. This makes clear braces appear almost “invisible” and less intrusive.

Get Straight Teeth and the Confidence to Smile

You don’t want to miss out on the many benefits of braces for kids, teens, and adults.
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Improved Dental Health

With crooked teeth, it’s difficult to floss and brush effectively. With straight teeth, it’s easy to keep your smile healthy and free from tooth decay.

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A Beautiful Smile

Braces make your teeth straight and increase confidence. Research shows a great smile is an indicator of success at work and in other social settings.

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Become Your Best Self

We take a personalized approach to your orthodontic plan to create an amazing smile and help transform you into the best version of yourself.

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Modern Technology

We always pursue the latest technology. This includes the newest bonding techniques and modern materials to enable faster treatments.

Braces Stories

"Growing up, I always looked in the mirror and the first thing I noticed was my crooked smile. All my friends were getting braces at a young age and I was always behind. Until one day I decided to do something about it. Now I look in the mirror and am still surprised how much my mouth shines! It gives me so much confidence and I owe it all to the OSIV team!"

– Braelyn S.

"Dr. Silvestre is an amazing meticulous orthodontist! He goes the extra mile! He transformed my daughter’s mouth into a masterpiece. I love the way he explained things throughout the whole procedure. He is very thorough and makes sure that your teeth are aligned correctly and that your smile when finished is perfect. His techniques also achieved results much faster than any orthodontist I have ever met. AAA++"

– Darrin R., Monnae’s Father

Trust Your Smile with Orthodontic Specialists

Watch our video to learn about our philosophy in orthodontics.
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Straightening teeth isn’t a side gig for us – it’s our passion. It’s what we do every day! Orthodontists Dr. Robert Azarik and Dr. Gannon Van Allen follow the same high standards in care as orthodontist and owner Dr. Justin Silvestre.

Dr. Silvestre is on a mission to deliver the most for your hard-earned investment. In addition to his genuine compassion and care, he’s undergone advanced training and is certified by the American Board of Orthodontics (ABO)American Board of Orthodontics website (open in new window). This included:

  • Completion of the ABO written exam
  • Completion of ABO clinical exam
  • A peer review by ABO’s objective board

Schedule a complimentary consultation with our team, and we’ll give you an honest recommendation for the best treatment plan.

Watch our video to learn about our philosophy in orthodontics.
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How Can You Improve Your Smile?
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Want to Learn More about Orthodontics?

Our Bucks and Montgomery County orthodontists answer your top questions.

  • Do braces hurt?
    Getting braces on does not hurt. Our bonding technology allows us to glue the brackets directly onto your teeth. When you first receive braces, your teeth will initially feel sore, but this is normal and will soon subside.
  • Do I need a retainer after braces?

    Yes. If you want straight teeth for life, you need your retainer. You’ve invested the time and money into getting your teeth straightened and your bite corrected. Retainers help ensure your amazing smile is protected.

    But what happens if you lose a retainer? Don’t worry! Our retainer program ensures you can replace your retainers up to four times per year up to 7 years after treatment. This is made possible by our 3D digital scanner.

    Once your orthodontic treatment is complete, a digital scan of your teeth will be stored. We can use this information to save your printed model and make a new retainer when needed. It’s just another example of how technology leads to better, more convenient results.

  • How long do you have to wear braces?

    Comprehensive orthodontic treatment used to take many years to complete. However, technology makes it possible to take about 24 months.

    Please note the actual treatment time varies based on the patient. To find out how long your braces treatment will take at Orthodontic Specialists, please schedule a consultation at an orthodontic office near you in Souderton, Perkasie, or Quakertown, PA.

  • Does dental insurance cover braces?

    Yes, it does! Dental insurance does cover a portion of the cost of braces. So, the next question you may ask is, “Do you accept my insurance?”

    We proudly say, “Yes!” We accept and are in-network with most commercial and CHIP insurances. There are literally hundreds of insurance companies, and being a provider for all of them is not possible. However, we’re committed to helping you navigate through the process.

    Read our blog to learn more about our insurance policy.

  • Do I need to avoid certain foods?

    Wearing braces does take responsibility on your end. This includes avoiding certain foods to ensure your treatment plan ends on time.

    But don’t worry – we have some yummy recipes that are braces-friendly. For example, get the recipe for baked berry breakfast oatmeal!

  • What other orthodontic services do you provide?
    We truly value our patients and love serving the communities of Souderton, Perkasie, Quakertown, Harleysville, and Hatfield, PA. That’s why we provide a full range of orthodontic services.

    Our services include:

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