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Yes! We accept your insurance



Having insurance benefits that cover orthodontic treatment is GREAT! Not only does it help to defray the cost of treatment, but it also helps you save money. How you ask? Often times people ask us “do you accept my insurance?”. What they are really asking is “are you in-network with my insurance?” What’s the difference? Most practices can bill your insurance to cover a portion of treatment. When a practice is “in-network” it means that the doctor and the insurance company have pre-negotiated a fee for treatment. Often times this fee is lower than it would be if you went out of network resulting in significant savings!

When people ask us at OSIV if we accept their insurance, we proudly say ‘yes’! We accept and are in-network with most commercial and CHIP insurances. Now and again we find out about one we are not in network with. There are literally hundreds of insurance companies and being a provider for all of them is not possible…but we do make a commitment to help you navigate the process for…saving you time and headache. We are also constantly adding Dr. Justin Silvestre and Orthodontic Specialists Indian Valley to more insurance plans, so even if we don’t take it today there’s a good chance we will in the near future.



At OSIV we also accept “assignment of benefits”. This means we accept the task of billing your insurance company for you so the estimated benefit gets paid directly to us. A practice that does not accept “assignment of benefits” usually have you pay out of pocket and the insurance company reimburses you directly at a later date.

Services like orthodontic treatment are not all about the lowest price…it is about relationships, service, quality, and value. It is our goal to always provide the best experience and make sure you receive the most value for your amazing smile…from a board certified specialized team! One of our core values is that of “transparency”. Sharing information regarding insurance is important so you as the consumer can make the best decision when it comes to you or your child’s smile.

If you are interested in making an appointment for your complimentary consultation please call 215-799-4602 or Request an Appointment on our Home Page. Remember, life is better when you are always giving.



Dr. Justin Silvestre and the OSIV Team

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