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What does OSIV stand for?

If you live around the Souderton and Telford area you may have seen signs for “OSIV” and may be wondering, “what does OSIV stand for?”

By the time we are 10 years old, most of us will know around 10,000 words. This vocabulary will quickly grow to about 30,000 for the average English speaking adult. In addition, new words and names are constantly being added to the English language. So here is another one for you! If you are from Perkasie, Sellersville or Hilltown and recently attended the Perkasie Fall Festival, you may have seen our tent, t-shirts, hoodies and bags around town. Naturally you may be wondering:

  • what in the world is OSIV?
  • Is it a condition?
  • Is it contagious?

OSIV = Orthodontic Specialists Indian Valley

Orthodontic Specialists Indian Valley, also known as OSIV, was born from the belief that anyone who needs or wants an amazing smile should be able to have one and show it off. In an ever-busy world with more and more to do, you deserve convenience and accessibility in every aspect of you or your child’s life. Modern orthodontic techniques, whether through braces or Invisalign, should be comfortable, cosmetic and achieve your desired result quicker than ever before. In addition to making you smile, we aim to bring something just as contagious to the region. That is the spirit of giving.

OSIV stands for Orthodontic Specialists Indian Valley, the orthodontic practice of Dr. Justin Silvestre in Souderton.

Several years ago we moved to the Philadelphia region to complete dental school and specialized orthodontic training. There were many nights down in the “tooth dungeon” spent working on some tooth craft (sounds like something out of ‘Game of Thrones’) or project where thoughts of home would come to mind. While the original intent was to move back South, the love, support, and acceptance we received from those around us in the Bucks, Montgomery, and Lehigh region was too much to give up. Plus we just liked it here!

Through these experiences we learned that home is not a physical structure. Home is not even a physical location. What it is, however, is a place where you belong. A place where you are accepted and can share your love, vision and values with those around you. Where you can build a culture that not only reflects your own family values, but also feeds the region you live in. We have made our home and what better way to give back to the area that so warmly welcomed us than to start the OSIV orthodontic practice to echo the giving spirit shown to us.

Our parents always taught us to leave our neighborhood in better shape than when we found it. The OSIV team is proud to partner with the Keystone Opportunity Center in Souderton to help propel our passion of giving through “meals and mentorship”. Through Keystone’s food pantry and education program our mission is to improve the lives of everyone, young and old, throughout the Indian Valley.

The OSIV philosophy: Anyone who needs or wants an amazing smile should be able to have one and show it off.

Acceptance and belonging are so important to all of us that they cannot be ignored as part of an overall wellness plan. It is good to do good…and remember, life is better when you are always giving.

The OSIV team will be offering top-quality orthodontic services:

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The OSIV team: Justin, Candice, Eli and Sam (the Silvestre’s)

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