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What To Expect With Invisalign

Invisalign® is now a household name

Moving teeth with clear plastic has come a long way since Invisalign® first started in 1997. What was considered impossible corrections with Invisalign are now routine and predictable for the skilled practitioner. Even younger patients, including teens, have been successfully treated with Invisalign in Souderton. By investing heavily into research and development Invisalign has positioned itself as the market leader for clear aligners. Just to highlight, in 2015 Invisalign spent $61.2 million on research and development!

What to expect with Invisalign

If you are considering Invisalign and want to enhance your smile, it is important to know what to expect with orthodontic treatment using clear aligners.

Factor #1 when considering Invisalign – Technology

Using a digital scan, an extremely precise and accurate digital model of your teeth is made. From this model, software is used to progressively simulate orthodontic correction. From these corrected models, clear trays are manufactured with a prescribed correction built into each one. At OSIV we prescribe weekly changes for Invisalign aligners. Each clear aligner achieves progressively more correction until the desired result is achieved. As we say in all our consultations, clear aligners are a lifestyle choice. Compliance is key with clear aligners and if you know your lifestyle will preclude you from wearing them as instructed you should consider other treatment options. As long as the aligners are worn 22 hours per day every day they work well.

Actual photo of a pair of Invisalign clear aligners

Factor #2 when considering Invisalign – Your chosen dentist.

The other factor for success with Invisalign in Souderton is how your doctor sets up the treatment prescription, known as the ClinCheck. Invisalign is not the same regardless of where you go. Some clinicians are more adept than others in getting you your dream smile with clear aligners. Just like the golf clubs don’t make the golfer, Invisalign does not make the smile. The doctor does. And more specifically a board-certified orthodontist (like yours truly!) is most highly trained and focused in designing your dream smile. Invisalign as a company and product is great at taking a digital prescription, manufacturing clear aligners and packaging them in a way that works really well for the end consumer…you! Ultimately your doctor takes responsibility for your results.


A capture of the computer technology used by your Souderton dentist in properly prescribing Invisalign

Factor #3 when considering Invisalign – Design

The third factor that is closely associated with this “design” is the use of attachments. At OSIV, attachments are translucent bumps that go bonded directly to your teeth. They provide increased surface area for the aligner plastic to push on which in turn makes many corrective movements possible, more efficient, predictable and thus results in quicker treatment times. Ultimately, Invisalign is a very discreet alternative to braces and in some cases may work better and more efficiently than braces. At OSIV we offer Invisalign for teens and adults.

Your smile deserves an orthodontic specialist. At Orthodontic Specialists Indian Valley we are 100% committed to providing you the most up-to-date treatment options. For your free consultation please call 215-799-4602 or schedule a consultation with Dr. Silvestre at OSIV.

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