Invisalign or Braces

Which is better??… Invisalign or braces? A decade ago, clear aligners like Invisalign could not come close to delivering the same results as traditional metal braces. But like all technologies, the system got better, and providers became more skilled in delivering great results with clear aligners. The orthodontic world went from thinking Invisalign was terrible, to 20 years later having certain providers treating complex cases with clear aligners (See the previous blog ‘Invisalign the household name’).

You will find with clear aligners… This text opens a new tab …, like Invisalign, that different providers have different comfort levels using the product. Just like braces, Invisalign is a tool…a tool for moving teeth into the proper smile form, alignment and bite. Your result is largely determined by the skill level of the provider who is using that tool. The role of the orthodontist is designing the appropriate prescription for that patient. Invisalign’s role is a lab that makes clear aligners. Invisalign has invested millions of dollars in research and development to predictably help doctors deliver results to their patients. 

Woman making a choice to go with Invisalign or braces

As specialists in orthodontics, we at OSIV invest all our time, resources and continuing education into using the best tool to deliver the best results. Dr. Justin Silvestre has and continues to take Invisalign continuing education to give patients what they want. Like any tool, braces and Invisalign both have strengths and weakness. Here are a few indications for picking the right treatment modality for the right presentation:


  • Crowding- can be resolved best by braces or Invisalign. Mild to moderate crowding cases can be treated predictably with either option.
  • Spacing– can be resolved best by braces or Invisalign. This is an area where understanding the tool and how teeth move is important. Stability of the correction is super important and depends on proper management with Invisalign.
  • Very deep overbites– best handled by braces. One of the greatest strengths of braces is in resolving the overlap between your top and bottom teeth, known as the overbite. (For a more technical explanation, please read previous blog post ‘Challenging movements with Invisalign’)
  • Open bites– Dr. Justin prefers to handle this presentation with Invisalign. Where overbites are a strength of braces, open bites are best managed with clear aligners like Invisalign.

Both treatment modalities require compliance..taking care of your appliances and keeping them in. The role of the doctor will always involve helping the patient chose the right appliance for their condition, for their lifestyle, and at the right moment in time. Trust is everything, and we take that responsibility seriously!

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