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How To Choose an Orthodontist: 4 Questions To Screen Providers

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So you’re doing your homework on how to choose an orthodontist? Good! Before you commit to anything an orthodontic care provider suggests, consider these buyer-beware questions.

Does It Matter Who I Choose As My Orthodontic Care Provider?

Yes! When deciding who to trust for you or your family’s orthodontic care, it is important that the orthodontic home you chose be the right one for you!

After all, you will invest several months in treatment, visit this place every 6-10 weeks, pay money, and just as importantly wear the result for the rest of your life!

Because making this decision can be challenging, we have created a list of questions you should ask the orthodontist when going in for your consultation:

What Questions Should I Ask A Provider Before Getting Orthodontic Treatment?

Question #1. Are you a legitimate orthodontic specialist?

The National Commission on Dental Specialties and their Recognizing Boards currently recognize 10 dental specialties. Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics is one of these specialized disciplines of dentistry. Your general dentist is not a board-certified orthodontist. An orthodontic specialist not only completed Dental School with a DDS or DMD degree, but also completed specialized training in an accredited orthodontic teaching institution. Ask! Dr. Justin Silvestre trained as an orthodontist in an accredited program and is Board Certified by the American Board of Orthodontics.

Question #2. Do you offer convenient hours?

In today’s busy world of work, school, flat tires, and soccer practice, time is at a premium. Your orthodontic office should cater to your busy schedule. At OSIV, we offer convenient night and weekend hours to accommodate your busy schedule.

Question #3. Do you accept my insurance?

Let’s face it, money is not the most important factor when deciding on your health care, but it is a HUGE factor. While you can use your orthodontic benefits almost anywhere, staying “in-network” will result in significant out of pocket savings for you and your family (see the article “YES! We accept your insurance”). At OSIV, we believe in access to quality orthodontic treatment, so we participate with almost all insurance plans.

Question #4. Are you involved in the community?

It is our belief that we have a responsibility for the wellness of all those in our area that goes beyond teeth. Whether it’s helping out in the local food pantry, funding local scholarships, or sponsoring youth sports, it is our mission to help you accomplish all your goals and dreams …. and have an amazing smile! This is our true definition of wellness.



Dr. Justin Silvestre, orthodontist in SoudertonKnowing how to choose an orthodontist is a big deal since you will wear the results in your smile for a lifetime. It doesn’t have to be scary though. Ask the questions above and you will find a qualified orthodontic care provider you are comfortable with.

Think you might’ve already found the right orthodontist for you? For your complimentary consultation, you can reach us by phone, email, webchat, social media, carrier pigeon, etc.

Oh! and if you ever see one of us out and about in the community come up and say hi! We will always be there for you!


Your OSIV Team (always giving)

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